A private social network for technology advisors


Meet fellow technology advisors to connect, share stories, offer advice, trade recommendations, and support each other without having to travel to an industry event.

What current members are saying:


Jeremy Ward

"After 2 years of looking I not only found a community of peers, but one built with the genuine intent of helping each other grow and leverage the collective experience and strengths in an otherwise very competitive industry. Collaboration is much more than the tools we use and sell, so I'm very grateful to have found TAA."

Hans Christian Schmid

"I’ve learned so much already. This community is making my year and more!"

MaryTom Hofer

"In my best Michael Scott voice: 'ITS HAPPENING!'  I’ve been able to meet with and share ideas with several members and couldn’t be more excited that- ITS WORKING!  The dream has been achieved.  Members are connecting, learning from each other, and the connections I’ve made with Alliance members have been the best part of my day."

Mandy Lintz

"I love having a large network of like-minded people that are rooting for each other and helping each other meet our goals."

Jim Eckes

"The more GOOD agents that are out there that can connect with each other not only strengthens our relationships but creates further value for each of our customers."

The Technology Advisor Alliance was created to:

  • Help advisors meet each other, build relationships, and communicate with each other.
  • Encourage sharing of best practices that can immediately impact another person's business.
  • Provide a safe space (free of vendors or providers) where advisors can bond over common struggles or share experiences so that the next person doesn't make the same mistakes.


Plus, we act as a think tank around issues in the industry, like:

  • Consolidation/M&A
  • Private Equity
  • Volume Bonuses
  • MDF Funds
  • Vendor Performance

(and really, so much more)


The success of the channel depends on the success of the advisors.


The Technology Advisor Alliance mobilizes our voice in the channel. 


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Why join Technology Advisor Alliance?


  • Shared best practices and thought leadership outside of your TSB circle or immediate company
  • Real-time problem solving and advice from other members
  • Private direct and group messaging
  • LIVE interactive virtual events in the community
  • This isn't LinkedIn - get real with your peers about relevant topics
  • Find the most recommended vendors and learn which to avoid at all costs
  • Opportunity partnering and mentoring between members
  • No pitches, no solicitation, no shiny objects or unnecessary noise
  • TSB/Master Agency Agnostic and NO VENDORS


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