An online community for Technology Consultants/Telecom Agents to collaborate, share best practices, and solve problems though shared learning.

You know when you go to an industry event and you meet other agents and you get a healthy jolt of inspiration, bond over common struggles, or learn something super valuable that immediately impacts your business? 


This is like that but virtual. 


By mobilizing our collective experience, members gain greater perspective on:

  • How to attract and retain customers
  • How to get things done faster and at a lower cost
  • Which vendors and partners to us
  • Business and revenue growth strategies
  • How to provide exceptional experiences for your customers
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  • Shared best practices and thought leadership outside of your TSB circle or immediate company
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  • This isn't LinkedIn- get real with others in your industry
  • Find the most recommended vendors and learn which to avoid at all costs
  • Opportunity partnering and mentoring 
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Concentrated first-hand experience from current Telecom Agents who have shared some of their best secrets including:

  • How they prospect for customers
  • What mistakes they have made
  • What advice they have for becoming successful in this industry

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