The Full Curriculum

Part 1: Introduction

  • Welcome Video
  • Math Video: How you are paid

Part 2: Channel Ecosystem

  • Intro to Masters
  • What a Master Agency Does For You
  • Master Tools That Help You Sell
  • Contracts: What to Watch Out For
  • Master Resources

Part 3: Automating Your Sales Funnel

  • Intro to Automating
  • Why Automate?
  • How to Automate
  • Intro to CRE Partnerships
  • CRE Outreach
  • Outreach Do's & Dont's
  • How to Find CRE Brokers
  • Funnel Automation Wrap-Up

Part 4: Advanced

  • Strategic Hunting
  • Easy-Yes Method
  • Guilt-Free Outreach
  • Diversification
  • What You Can Sell, Payments, & Spiffs
  • Tracking Your Business: How & Why
  • Time Management
  • Customer Centric Approach

Part 5: Advice From Top Agents ebook

Here's what you'll get

Direct Support

Comment directly after each lesson, text Ashley, or set up a call for individual feedback & questions. 

Instructional Videos

Learn at your own pace. Walkthrough videos of concepts & methods. Available on the Kajabi mobile app or desktop.


Negotiation tools, outreach templates, prospecting & tracking template, marketing tools & more. All available to download.

Total Cost



  • Instant Access
  • 23 video lessons (2 short hours)
  • Advice From Top Agents Ebook
  • 11 Downloadable Resources including Strategic Hunting worksheet, Guilt-Free Outreach worksheet, Prospecting Scripts, and more
  • Automating Your Sales Funnel Course Included
  • Access to Technology Advisor Alliance Community included for 1 year

To help get you to where you need to be.

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