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Scale your income and freedom without going into debt, trusting the wrong partners, or making common mistakes.

2 hours of video course material + downloadable resources and templates + Bonus: Advice From Top Agents Ebook

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Alec Bauman

"I thought that the training was AMAZING!!! It answered so many of my questions as well as gave me a thousand ideas of how to automate my sales funnel and that was something I’ve been struggling with since day one! I cannot express to you how thankful I am that you created this training. I loved that the videos were all you speaking in easy to understand terms that even the most inexperienced individual would be able to understand."

Melissa Vestal

"In the course, Ashley explains how the business model works, how to choose partners, how to build your customer base, and much more. I only wish I had found the course sooner because I would have saved myself a lot of wasted time. I'm beyond grateful to have found the course and grateful to Ashley for generously sharing her knowledge and experience for the betterment of her peers."

Christine Garrett

"I highly recommend investing in the Recurring Raise course to gain a greater understanding of the channel landscape. This course is loaded with content, helpful tips, and useful tools to support you in navigating the various channel possibilities while assisting you in charting a clear and successful path forward. Ashley is wonderful to work with. She is refreshingly authentic, carries a wealth of knowledge, and is truly engaged in supporting your journey. Plus, you’ll hear first-hand perspective and experiences from various folks who are already active and successful agents."

Rebecca Amadori

"The material in this course is amazing. The lessons are well put together and the downloadable material is exceptional for future reference."

Mark Morrell

"I implemented the sales automation strategies immediately and saw a return in 1 day. Worth every penny and then some! High energy and easy to watch and re-watch."

Michael Agri

"The Recurring Raise course is amazing and I am going to recommend it all of my agent friends for their agents and themselves. This course obviously isn’t only for beginners, any agent can benefit from your advice."

Richard Rodriguez

"The course was great, I only wish I had it earlier on my journey. Thanks for providing such a valuable resource."

Gina Solomon

"Very informative-  I learned a lot from this course! I found it very valuable especially being brand new in the channel!"

Earn Income Faster

Shorten Sales Cycles

Reduce Risk

Close More Business

  • Uncover the fastest way to automate your sales funnel with highly qualified leads.
  • Learn the number one mistake new agents make when choosing which Master Agency (TSB), vendors, or partners to work with.
  • Use this method to create an overflowing sales funnel without spending hours cold calling.
  • Re-program how you market yourself so that potential customers easily choose you. 


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The Full Curriculum

Part 1: Introduction

  • Welcome Video
  • Math Video: How you are paid

Part 2: Channel Ecosystem

  • Intro to Masters
  • What a Master Agency Does For You
  • Master Tools That Help You Sell
  • Contracts: What to Watch Out For
  • Master Resources

Part 3: Automating Your Sales Funnel

  • Intro to Automating
  • Why Automate?
  • How to Automate
  • Intro to CRE Partnerships
  • CRE Outreach
  • Outreach Do's & Dont's
  • How to Find CRE Brokers
  • Funnel Automation Wrap-Up

Part 4: Advanced

  • Strategic Hunting
  • Easy-Yes Method
  • Guilt-Free Outreach
  • Diversification
  • What You Can Sell, Payments, & Spiffs
  • Tracking Your Business: How & Why
  • Time Management
  • Customer Centric Approach

BONUS: Advice From Top Agents EBOOK

  • Advice from some of the top-producing agents in the country as well as newer agents who have recently made their walk across the desert.


How long have you been waiting to finally have the confidence to go ALL IN?


  You can keep thinking about it for another year, 2 years, 3 years (how much is all of that thinking about it costing you BTW?)

 Or you can trust your abilities and take the first step now. 

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