Everything you need to know to create a  telecom agent business and scale your RECURRING INCOME

On-demand course providing easy-to-follow, statistically proven, actionable instructions on how to go from the idea of being a telecom agent to earning consistent recurring income as a telecom agent. 

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The How & The Why

Go from wherever you are now, to a telecom agent who is earning consistent recurring profit. Get access to the tools, step-by-step methods, and actionable assignments for ramping your revenue quickly.

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Learn from anywhere-- while you work out, in your car, on your phone, or on your computer. Flexible and easy as possible.

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Nothing is worse than signing up for a program and getting lost or stuck in the material. Pop into our group support calls with Ashley and join the Recurring Raise community.

How much time will you spend figuring it out the hard way rather than growing your business?

How much money will it cost you if you trust the wrong partners?

How much longer do you want to work for someone else's dream?

How many years of recurring income are you giving up by not starting now?

Not having this resource is already costing you a great deal.



Earn Income Faster

Shorten Sales Cycles

Reduce Risk

Close More Business

Mark Morrell

I implemented the sales automation strategies immediately and saw a return in 1 day. Worth every penny and then some! High energy and easy to watch and re-watch.

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How long have you been waiting to finally have the confidence to go ALL IN?


  You can keep thinking about it for another year, 2 years, 3 years (how much is all of that thinking about it costing you BTW?)

 Or you can trust your abilities and take the first step now. 

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Popular marketing advice says I'm supposed to create this as a "lead magnet" and collect your email in exchange for watching this content. Not happening. This is good information and I want anyone who wants to learn it, to have access without fear of getting another round of marketing or sales emails added to your inbox. 

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Imagine if you never had to work for someone else again. This course makes that a reality. 


  • Are you giving away deals because you don't sell what your client needs? You're handing those referrals out to other people or you're simply watching customers buy from someone else.
  • Is hitting quota month after month after month causing you to burnout?
  • Do you get paid one time on something you worked so hard for?
  • Are you underappreciated by your company?
  • Are you encouraged to sell services that your clients might not need because corporate wants you to sell specific products?
  • Are you so over pretending you're all about yet another sales methodology training or an all-hands pep rally style meeting?
  • Are you tired of all of the sales rep stereotypes: being oily, slimy, icky, pushy, not trustworthy. That's not you. 
  • Do you genuinely want to make a positive impact on your client's success?
  • Do you know you're meant for more?

Created with the collaboration of over 50 top telecom agents

who are in this role today


Telecom Consultant, Broker, Agent, Advisor, Scout, Virtual CIO, Technology Matchmaker, Telecom Quarterback, Telecom Buying Partner ...you decide what to be called. We lay out HOW this business works, give you all of the WHY, and provide the exact TOOLS you need to get to your first 10K and beyond in monthly recurring profit. You save thousands of dollars in costly mistakes. Don't believe it? Hear from over 50 telecom agents yourself.

What if...


  • You always had the right solution for every customer’s specific needs?

  •  You had access to every solution, from every vendor?

  • You were treated like a valuable/helpful/important member of your client’s team and not like a slick sales rep?

  • You were paid every single month that your client keeps the service? Yes, you can sell a deal in Jan 2022 and still get paid on it in Jan 2042. This is EVERGREEN income. This can be retirement income.

  • You could decide how you spend your time? Not your company, not your boss. Just you.

  • What if you could help your clients get the solutions they really need and impact their businesses in a positive way?

  • What if you could ditch the quotas and pressure and know that you have recurring profit coming in from previous sales?

  • What if every single time you helped a new customer, you gave yourself a raise?

  • What if you could have fun and enjoy selling solutions for YOURSELF and not for anyone else’s company?

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